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Video | The Pell Partnership

Video | The Pell Partnership


In Fall of 2015, The Education Trust (Ed Trust) began packaging new reports with a digital outreach that included, among other things, brief videos. This video promotes Ed Trust’s latest report on holding institutions more accountable to low-income students.

Using Silk, our communications and our editorial and design teams also presented Pell and non-Pell graduation rates on our website.

Report design, video/audio editing, animated effects


Response to The Pell Partnership


What a wonderful web presence


I am not sure who to congratulate on this, but I am sure it is a team effort.  You have a wonderful communications package and I just have to tell you that I think it is a model for the industry.


I am  (a long time public information officer) and for years I was responsible for communicating developments in social sciences and education at (a major research university), including the work of our Urban Education Institute.  I know how hard it can be to communicate about education effectively as it often comes off as tedious, predictable and jargon heavy.  Additionally, the tools of communication often seem cumbersome.


I came across your site and report on college graduation via twitter and was immediately drawn into a lively, important and fascinating report on how well minorities are doing.  I spent time looking around, clicking for more information, enjoying the graphics and admiring your wonderfully designed, powerful communications package.


Congratulations on your work.  You’ve given a retired guy who follows this stuff something interesting to read.


November 8, 2015

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